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basic stuff for rating communities
name: cari
age: 15
location: oregon
guy or girl: girl
sexuality: me like boys

let's play favorites
favorite band: umm blood brothers
favorite song: pretty girls make graves - the getaway
favorite food: the twins moms strawberry shortcake
favorite person: the twins and shannon
favorite anything: singing badly

what's your view on...
labels?: i dont care much about labels and neither should anybody else
politics?: crap..just causes more problems
religion?: i am a not a crazy devout or anything. i like religion as long as you dont have those hardcore "i never sin" people.
war?: no good

drugs: no
smoke: no
drink: i look like a goody goody..o wait i am! hehe jay pee

why should we accept you?: cuz im super cool and super hotttttttt..and im azn..what more needs to be said?!
post a few pictures:

hey look whose in the background

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not whose.

whose would imply that you are asking a question, but about a noun, not a proper noun. cause uh, it doesn't work? if you were asking, "whose shoe is on my foot?" or, "whose clock is up my ass hole?" then it would work.

but you're saying who's. like, "who's trying to stick their finger in my nose from behind?" or, "who's a dumpfuck?!?!".

i vote you're in. this club suckkkksXcoreXriot.
ok so i think i got it. would it be:
"who's this fuck face correcting my grammer?"
i hope i got it right this time. <3