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basic stuff for rating communities
name: cari
age: 15
location: oregon
guy or girl: girl
sexuality: me like boys

let's play favorites
favorite band: umm blood brothers
favorite song: pretty girls make graves - the getaway
favorite food: the twins moms strawberry shortcake
favorite person: the twins and shannon
favorite anything: singing badly

what's your view on...
labels?: i dont care much about labels and neither should anybody else
politics?: crap..just causes more problems
religion?: i am a not a crazy devout or anything. i like religion as long as you dont have those hardcore "i never sin" people.
war?: no good

drugs: no
smoke: no
drink: i look like a goody goody..o wait i am! hehe jay pee

why should we accept you?: cuz im super cool and super hotttttttt..and im azn..what more needs to be said?!
post a few pictures:

hey look whose in the background

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