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this is repetitive, but nothing has changed.

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applicators are the best part.

basic stuff for rating communities
name: bryce the shit.
age: 15,000.
location: in my room, next to brent's.
guy or girl: both. just kidding.
sexuality: boys who like boys.

let's play favorites
favorite band: le tigre. melt banana.
favorite song: current: melt banana, "free the bee"
favorite food: oreo mcflurry.
favorite person: kathleen hanna. (le tigre)
favorite anything: kathleen hanna also. cell phone.

what's your view on...
labels?: nobody really cares anymore.
politics?: politics were made so americans can argue more.
religion?: i don't really care about religion. it's really real life that matters.
war?: war was created so americans could kill people legally.

drugs: no thx.
smoke: nuh uh.
drink: nope.

why should we accept you?: you should call me butter, cause i'm on a roll.
post a few pictures:

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