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What to post:
1. pictures, but only if its one preview and a ljcut
2. any storys, poems, art etc..
3. your mom, your pets, your clothes, etc...
**Remember: be nice and comment/vote nicely**


basic stuff for rating communities
guy or girl:girly
sexuality: Straight

let's play favorites
favorite band: Uhm, probably The Rocket Summer
favorite song: "Bloody Romance" Senses Fail
favorite food: Cheese Sticks
favorite person: My bset friend Amber and my boyfriend AJ
favorite anything: My computer. I luff you.

what's your view on...
labels?: I think they're fine. People say "Don't lable me!" But you're going to be labeled even if you don't want to be.
politics?: I think they're fun! I dream of becomming a lawyer one day.
religion?: I'm a Christian person..but I think the Catholic Church is a bit too strict..otherwise religion is okay. And it can be kinda fun..if you worship with the right people.
war?: For it. The US kicks most ass. So the only way to get through to the stubborn Countries is to kick their ass. We've all heard someone say "That person just needs to get their ass kicked and they'll become completly different." I believe that's how countries are too. But I hate Bush..his war isn't based on achievement. It's based on his family name and money for oil.


why should we accept you?:Bc i'm not cool. And I count my change.
post a few pictures:

my kitty when he broke his leg =]

he's all better now though.
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