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New bands you have to listen to!

spending hrs and hrs on the internet, looking threw all the scene/indie emo websites. and i have finnaly found some worthy bands you must take a hearing to.
  • Hellogoodbye:this is my fav band EVER! you must download 'welcome to my record'.
  • Bright eyes: alot of us already like bright eyes, but for those out there that havent heard of them its a must. on of our fav songs from them is 'lover i dont have to love' there a very emo band. but in a good way.
  • Bumblebeez: this is a prime example of great indie band. they will be on mtv and vh1 so very shortly. there are little songs out on limewire and kazza. so it would be easyer to just go buy the CD.
  • Cursive: friends with 'bright eyes' & 'The faint'  this group has similar sounds to them. all three were in a band when they were younger, called 'commander venus' they split up and are on there own paths, cursive, is a nice blend or indie rock and emo screamo( altho little screaming).
  • DNTEL:  sounds alot like 'The Postal Service' and resions for it, is because its a earlyer form of 'The Postal Service'  nothing more should be said.
  • The Faint: first time i heard of them was when i was 'shopping' in Hot-Topic. i asked the 'employes' what the band was called. and from then on i was inlove. 'the faint' sounds like a better vr of orgy. altho most people know and like them, i would like to tell those out there that there GREAT! fav song 'posed to death' &'agenda suicide'
  • Elefant: a great band that has been on the radio for some time. sounds like 'muse' and has a great sense of style.
  • goldfrapp: you might reconize some of there songs from some comericals, there a great band that i think you should listen to. song i recomend 'twist' 
  • Muse: a great band everone should love. song i recomend is 'time is running out'
  • Oldtimerelijun: preacher like singer and wacky gutar, drums, and bass it all works together to give the effect of crazy cartoonish church. i recomend you listing to 'vampire victim'
  • radiohead: great band listing to them since i was 8 and still dont know why there so good. i recomend 'paranoid android' and 'wonderwall' two very diffrent sounds, that are still great.
  • rilo kiley: amazing band lead singer is a girl. another plus. fav song 'paints peeling'
  • imperial teen: this is one of those bands that have alot of songs from movies. such as 'ivank' and on of my fav songs 'yoo hoo'
  • horrorpops: great psychobilly band, fav song 'drama queen'
  • Tegan and Sara: hot band with two canadan sisters, a must have. fav song 'SuperStar'
  • the Notwist: nice and mellow songs, fav song 'trashing days'
  • the sounds: superstar energized a must have. fav song 'living in america'
  • the Blow: a great band nice and mellow, a genuin heart filled band put together to fall in love with. fav song 'how naked are we going to get'
  • To My Suprize: reminds me of gorillaz, but 12x better one of the best bands ever, you must see there website. all of there songs are great...
  • whirlwind heat: sounds like noze but its so much more. great vocals, gutar, and drums. you cant pass them up!. fav song 'purple'
Tell me what you think and please recomend at least one band you think should be added to the list, and why...
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