Brea (xmurdermurderx) wrote in teenagedna,

there's nothing left for me to lose but doubt.

omgz i so wanna join.

guy or girl:girl
sexuality: straight.

let's play favorites
favorite band: tsunami bomb
favorite song: at the moment.. i would have to say it is a song that no one knows.. its called "when it rains it really pours" and it is by a 2 man band called i thought the ghost was made of me from my town. either that or Vroom - Dumb Like That.
favorite food: black olives.. haha. :) or cinnamon toast crunch.
favorite person: this guy named jeremy that is in my creative writing class.
favorite anything: I LOVE BRENT! lol.

what's your view on...
labels?: i dont really use labels unless someone is like.. extremely gothic.. then i would label them as gothic. i think labels are only needed if it is a definate statement.
politics?: i dont follow political things too well.. i dont really watch much TV, so i dont see a lot of news.
religion?: i am not religious... but it wont bug me if you are.
war?: war=pointless. it just causes more problems.

drugs: not for me.
smoke: not for me.
drink: nope.

why should we accept you?: because i am like.. the first person to apply. and because i like people. and im wearing a skirt and feeling very optimistic today.
post a few pictures:

thats my neice with me.. im not a mommy.

and theres so much more where that came from...
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